Friday, February 11, 2011

Yupik Word of the Week

It’s time to add something to your Yupik vocabulary again!
We’re sticking with the easy ones. Today’s word is:
Tai-tai (pronounced tdi-tdi - with a long i sound) meaning come on, come here.
This is another one that I hear regularly said to my children.  Now you can say it to yours! Just watch, they’ll know exactly what you mean. When you’re waiting for them to get ready to go, just stand by the door and yell tai-tai! They’ll come running – if only to find out what’s wrong with you!

Word list:
ii-i (pronounced eee) – yes
quyana (pronounced Goo-yah-nah) – thank you
tua-i (pronounced tdoy) – enough or that’s it
tai-tai (pronounced tdi-tdi -with a long i sound) – come, come here, come on

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