Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yupik Word of the Week - Quyana

Last week we started off simple. Ii-I (pronounced ee) was our word of the week and it means “yes.” I hope you get lots of use out of that one and are ready for a new Yupik Word of the Week!
Our word this week is “quyana” (pronounced Goo-yah-nah) which means “thank you.” Now it should be noted that the proper pronunciation doesn’t come off completely equivalent to English sounds, this is as close as we can get though.
Pronunciation will be a common challenge as we continue to explore more Yupik words. I’m hopeful that we can get an audio link up on the blog so you can click and listen to it!
So have at it my fellow Yupik learners!

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  1. Please continue. Niiiiice. Quyana.